Thursday, July 24, 2014

Outer Banks Ghost Tour Manteo, North Carolina

I was invited by Rodney and Sarah Bentson, good friends of my cousin, to go on a ghost tour of beautiful, historic dowtown Manteo. It was fun hearing the guide discuss the difference between poltergeists, ghosts, and apparitions!  She encouraged everyone to take photos to see if we could see the orbs that so many people had been able to capture.  I was the only one on our tour that seemed to get an orb or two in my photos!  It was fun and exciting to see what would be on the camera.  Here are a few pictures from last night....
 The above photo is Roanoke Island Inn.  That bright white circle was the first orb I photographed last night.  It looks like the moon but believe me...NOTHING...was in the sky over the Inn!  Guess it must have been Roscoe..orginal owner of the Inn and Manteo postmaster back in the day.
Here is a photograph of Sarah outside Roanoke Island Inn.  The orbs are above her and outfront of the Inn!  She had quite a story on an encounter with 'Roscoe'.  She thinks Roscoe knew it was her and came out for his photo! 

 Here is Sarah in front of The Davis you can see there are orbs all around the house.  Fun!!!
This photo is the back of Sarah's house but her house is next door to the Davis House.

We had fun visiting and listening to all the stories.  But if you know me, I will be distracted by other things....
 These logos were painted all over the streets of downtown.....
This is the 26 mile marker for the Outer Banks Marathon that is held in November and ends in downtown Manteo...I am thinking a fall trip to the OBX may be in my near future!  Not for the full marathon mind you but possibly the half!!!

Happy Trails... until I post again!!!

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  1. Love these pictures. My nephew is a "ghost hunter", belongs to an organization, and they go on ghost hunts. He loves it. I'm so glad you captured some "orbs" in your pictures.